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The Freeport operated by our company, the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd., encompasses 153 hectares at marker 1639.8 on the Danube section of the Danube-Main-Rhine waterway. This section crosses the continent from northwest to southeast and has a predominant role in Europe's inland waterway transport.

The two commercial basins providing most of the port's water-side traffic – commercial basins no. 1 and 2. – are accessible from the main branch of the Danube, through a common bay entrance at marker 1639.8. To the south of the common entrance of the commercial basins is the Petrol Basin (Petróleum medence) providing the circulation of oil and oil-derivatives, which has a separate entrance at marker 1639.4. The water-side accessibility of the Port is determined by the navigability of the Danube section in Budapest. In case of low water levels, the navigability depends on the depths of the Dömös and Budafok shallow groups near markers 1699 and 1636, respectively. A total of 18 established ship berths are available in the three operating basins.

Fully comprehensive railway-, shipping- and other port services are available in our port for our clients, and an RO-RO terminal and a container terminal operates in our area as well. One of the main activities of Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. is the letting of property, in the framework of which our company manages covered warehouses of more than 157 000 m2, office spaces of 10 000 m2 and free space of 34 ha. You can find more information about the rentable immovable estates under the Exploitationof Immovable Estates / Letting of Property menus.

The location and layout properties of the Freeport –possessing an “Industrial Park" certification since 2009 – have made it possible to build an internationally significant port and logistics centre. The container terminal operating in the Freeport – which is the only container terminal with water-side loading capacities in the country – provides an opportunity to join the prospering container traffic of the Danube. The Port has a humongous development area of 34 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, in one of the most promising areas of Budapest expected to undergo significant developments; this development area offers further development opportunities in addition to the port-logistics functions.

Our Port was certified as a National Public Port in 2005, our Port is a member of the Hungarian Federation of Danube Ports and – as a founding member of the Associate of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers – was granted the right to use the title “Intermodal Logistics Service Center" in 2007.
The Freeport of Budapest Logistics Zrt. provides all its services to its clients in accordance with its quality management system established according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard and certified by DNV Hungary Kft.

Our industrial park has appeared in the property letting and development market as “Budapest Dock Freeport Logistics and Industrial Park" since 2014.






Letting of property

The Freeport of Budapest is a trimodal logistics and industrial park with excellent transport hubs, a unique meeting point of water-, railway- and road freight transport in the capital. Thanks to its excellent urban location, it can provide long-term rental solutions for companies who are looking for a site to perform city logistics activities, as well as for those who plan establishing company headquarters, warehouses /…

Development of immovable estates


Green logistics

During the development, we consider environmental awareness to be important in all our new, modern buildings; a separate team is working on the sustainable design of our buildings during the design phase already, and these aspects will be prioritized in future operations as well.This is demonstrated by the certificates we've obtained regarding our buildings as well: BSZL C1 – LEED Silver // BSZL E2 – LEED Silver


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