KÖZOP-4.6.0-14-2014-0013 PROJECT

Name of the beneficiary: Freeport of Budapest Logistics Lt

Name of the project: “Implementation of intermodal capacity development at the Csepel Freeport by upgrading the overhead crane"

Amount of contractual support: 60. 321. 950 HUF + VAT

Percentage of support: 85%

Content of the project:  The tender was aimed at the capacity-expansion modernization of the bridge crane of 12.5 t capacity and of 50.07 m track gauge owned by the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Zrt., which included electrical and mechanical renovations as well.

The date of completion of the project, the date of technical acceptance: 21 May 2014

ID number of the project: KÖZOP-4.6.0-14-2014-0013


KÖZOP-4.6.0-14-2014-0013 PROJECT

In November 2014, with the support of the European Union and the Hungarian State, an investment with a total cost of HUF 3500 million was started in the Freeport of Budapest. “Implementation of phase 1 of the intermodal and capacity expansion development of the Freeport of Csepel in project no. KÖZOP-4.5.0-09-11-2012-0003" included the project elements below, which were completed by the end of 2015.

Project elements:

1, 2, North and South sections of the northern linking road – a bypass road built to relieve Weiss Manfréd Road, which runs along the Freeport side of the HÉV tracks. The constructed road is used by vehicles entering the port from the North, thus relieving Weiss Manfréd Road.

Implemented: November 2014 – October 2015

3, North-South interconnecting road – a road linking the North and South areas of the Freeport, which also relieves the Weiss Manfréd Road, as vehicle traffic in these areas could only pass through gates no. 1 and 2. After the construction of the road, this traffic takes place within the port, thus relieving Weiss Manfréd Road.

Implemented: November 2014 – October 2015

4, Modernization of “Kültelki” and “Mirelit” tracks – reconstruction and modernization of the main line of the railway system running through the area of the Freeport and providing railway transport into and inside the port area.

Implemented: November 2014 – October 2015

5, Development of a road network for the “Kis Nyíltrakodó” loading area and for the north-west corner of basin no. II – establishment of a new area next to commercial basin no. II. capable of loading the vessels; reinforcement of river walls, construction of railway tracks, pavement, access road.

Implemented: November 2014 – October 2015

6, Modernization of the “Gabonatárház” tracks – modernization of the tracks around the “Gabonatárház” with the construction of a new loading area for a more efficient service.

Implemented: November 2014 – May 2015

7, Modernization of the “Nyíltrakodó” tracks – modernization of the tracks providing service in the “Nyíltrakodó”loading area, and the modernization of the pavement.

Implemented: May 2015 – September 2015

8, Establishing heavy goods vehicles park no. IV. – the previously uncovered area has been covered with a concrete pavement, so heavy goods vehicles can use it more safely and efficiently. The new pavement allows the simultaneous use of a larger area in a more organized way.

Implemented: November 2014 – April 2015

9, Surface lights of the towing track no. 5 – A new surface lights network has been established next to the existing track.

Implemented: February 2015 – May 2015



With the modernization of the RO-RO terminal implemented within the frameworks of the project (2007-2008), the port is now capable of accommodating the automobiles and heavy goods vehicles trailers which arrive to the port on vessels. The purpose of the development is to facilitate combined freight transport, and thus, to reduce the load on public roads and on the environment.



A new vertical and sloping river wall, a new track along the river wall and a capacity-enhancing railway track were built together with a dredging within the frameworks of this project (2007-2008). The new river walls allow for the port to continuously accommodate vessels with larger draught as well, and allow the wintering of vessels and repairs to be performed on water.



The river wall of Csepel Port has been restored and has been built on the spot within the frameworks of the project implemented with an EU support of HUF 58.54 million.

The aim of the project was to facilitate better logistics services for freight transport in Hungary by developing the elements of traffic infrastructure.

Between December 2014 and June 2015, the development of the port was carried out with the help of HUF 58 540 350 support amount, through tender no. KÖZOP-4.6.0-14-2014 titled “Development and modernization of the basic infrastructure of the port", within the frameworks of the New Széchenyi Plan.

The investment has included the restoration of the so-called “Nyíltrakodó” river wall, which was damaged by the major floods of the 2000s, and has also included the provision of a safe, mobile exit for the vessel traffic of the port, by replacing the old exit which could no longer be renovated. The 1800 m2 river wall was restored in January 2015, after which the on-site construction was carried out in June.