The Freeport of Budapest is a trimodal logistics and industrial park with excellent transport hubs, a unique meeting point of water-, railway- and road freight transport in the capital. Thanks to its excellent urban location, it can provide long-term rental solutions for companies who are looking for a site to perform city logistics activities, as well as for those who plan establishing company headquarters, warehouses / production halls, offices, showrooms or wholesale units.


The Freeport of Budapest can be found in District 21 along Weiss Manfréd Road, between the city centre and ring road M0. It is 5 km from the city centre and 7 km from ring road M0. It is accessible by heavy goods vehicles on roads without weight limits.

A 24/7 patrol service is operating throughout the whole area to ensure a safe working environment.

Free parking for cars and for heavy goods vehicles depending on leasing package, or on the basis of a separate parking agreement.

The services provided by the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Zrt. and by its subsidiaries as well as by the settled partner companies for our current and prospective clients can be found under Services/Port services menu.


    • Valéria Molnárcommercial director

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